September 01, 2014
Please take some time to test our telescopes with new lower rates
We are offering 50% discounts on all observatories from the little refractor LB003 to the flagship 32 inches reflector telescope LB001.

Have fun

January 24, 2014
We are proud to announce that our flagship telescope (820 mm, focal length 4680 mm) is now available over Internet for all interested people to do remote astronomy with a research grade professional instrument coupled with a terrific back illuminated CCD camera (FLI Proline PL230). Combined with a set of 12 research grade filters and a specific graphical user interface, this online solution is the...

March 07, 2013
This week is arriving two news ccd cameras. One for our Hyperion flagship and another for TMB LB0004 180 mm refractor.

LB0001 and LB0004 will now be available very shortly.

September 20, 2012
Practice Mode is now open. You can now use our virtual observatories in northern and southern hemispheres to train yourselves before purchasing points and drive real telescopes. Just like our real observatories you can setup a plan, select a target and even download your images. Have full vision of what you can do on and become virtual ...

July 01, 2012
All Lightbuckets team is proud to announce delivery of big flaship telescope ready to begin integration tests on the Lightbuckets network.

This Altazimutal telescope come from Germany, 32 inches french optics, cassegrain formula f/8 or f/4, derotator and more for great challenges.

Stay connected to know when this new LB0001 will go live on Lightbuckets.

May 23, 2012
A brand new telescope is waiting for great challenges. A 3,5 focal ratio, 12 inches and a terrific Direct Drive Mount will fine track your targets for 30 minutes without any autoguiding process.

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